Clear Insulating and Draught Proof Blinds for Windows and Doors

Save up to 80% of heat loss

Clear insulating blinds for doors & windows

  • Crystal Clear – Superior to glass in most cases
  • Save up to 80% of heat loss – as good as secondary double glazing
  • Stops uncomfortable draughts
  • Neat and Inconspicuous – all fittings are barely noticeable
  • Practical and lightweight – access to windows for opening and cleaning is simple and straightforward
  • Available in 4 types – a style to suit your windows and lifestyle
  • Maintenance free – although systems are simple they are robust and require no maintenance
  • Protection against fading – Up to 85% of damaging UV rays are excluded
  • Prevents pollution and dust – the tight seal is formed around the blinds
  • Easy To Fit – ideal for simple DIY

See how the insulating blinds work in the videos below

Replacing windows or fitting secondary glazing is often not a cost effective or aesthetic option such as with period, sash and heritage windows. However, the problem of cold and draughty rooms can be easily solved by installing our clear insulating blinds that provide performance similar to double glazing (2.9 U value) and reducing heat loss by up to 80%!

They work in the same way as traditional double glazing in that a sealed pocket of air acts as a superb insulation barrier plus it cuts out those cold, uncomfortable draughts. However they are perfect for a DIYer or a local handy man to fit keeping installation costs down to a minimum. Measuring is simple so you can order online too!

They do not alter the appearance of the window frame and are light and easy to use. The blinds are made from special ‘flexible glass’ (which has optical clarity same as glass and a breaking strength equivalent to mild steel) or optical clarity polycarbonate. They can be accommodated into 4 systems – patented roller blinds, fixed blind, single panel rigid blind or 2 panel rigid blinds. The best option will depend on the window type and situation.

Easy to fit… order online

The Options – more details

Roller Blinds

The blind consists of a patented roller system, which seals against the top of the window frame. Specially developed Velcro forms the seal at the sides and bottom of the blind.

The actual blind is made from melinex, a material which is like a ‘flexible glass’ with superb optical clarity.

To operate, simply pull the blind down, and depress the lever on each roller bracket to seal the roller against the neoprene strip on the window frame. The sides and bottom seals are made by pressing the blind’s Velcro strips (on the perimeter of the blind) to those on the window frame. A drawstring pull cord and rod for operation of the blind from floor level are also supplied.

They are ideal for all windows but especially draughty types such as sash, period windows and doors (especially French doors). They are lightweight, inconspicuous, provide easy ventilation, simple to operate and easy to clean.

A maximum width of 1.5m (60ins) is recommended.

Standard colours are white or veneers which match dark oak, light oak, pine, mahogany and stone mullion.

Fixed Flexible Blinds

These blinds are formed by sealing a sheet of melinex ‘flexible glass’ to the window frame. This is done with specially formulated strong Velcro that can withstand extremes of temperature that can occur near a window.

These blinds are ideal, if the window is rarely opened, you wish the product to be virtually invisible or cost is a major consideration. What’s more, as it is flexible, it can easily be removed and rolled up and stored in a tube.

If you wish to remove for window opening and cleaning this is simple although we recommend a maximum width of approximately 1metre (40ins) for ease of handling

Standard colours are white or veneers which match dark oak, light oak, pine, mahogany and stone mullion.

One and Two Panel Rigid Blinds

Made from rigid light weight scratch-resistant crystal clear polycarbonate (or Methylmethacrylate) the system consists of one single or two overlapping panes which seal with Velcro against the window frame.

The centre overlap of the two panel version corresponds exactly with the meeting rail of the sash window, or glazing bar of a casement window, which means it, is virtually invisible against the window frame. The rigid, single pane movable blind spans the whole window giving a totally inconspicuous finish.

To open or clean your sash window, simply lift the lower pane onto a Velcro parking position on the upper pane. For casement windows, the pane is parked to the side. No storage is therefore necessary, which means that the product is extremely practical and convenient. A special grade of Velcro is used which allows the panes to be hinged into the room for controlled ventilation.

Standard colours are white or veneers which match dark oak, light oak, pine, mahogany and stone mullion.

They are easy cleaned using a clear, non-abrasive liquid glass cleaner/polish. For Velcro, simply vacuum or brush with water and mild detergent.