Conservatory Comfort Clear view Blinds – the unique solution to excessive Summer heat, glare and fading through windows and rooflights

Strong direct sunlight can make rooms uncomfortably hot and the glare can make working at the computer screen or watching TV almost impossible. Traditional blinds and curtains unfortunately cut out the light and obscure the view and are not always practical in all situations. Our ‘Clear View’ roller, computer and vertical louvre blinds and optical laminates help make rooms cool, and comfortable without affecting the outside view. Their excellent performance far surpasses that of any conventional blind because our crystal clear heat reflectors exclude the heat before it can enter the room. They eliminate up to 70% of the sun’s heat, cut glare and exclude 99% of ultra-violet rays. Winter insulating blinds can reduce heat loss by up to 70%.

Insu ‘Clear View’ blinds and optical laminates are ideal for any application – whether home or office – and are popular because, unlike traditional blinds and curtains, they do not cut out the light or obscure the view.

  • Exceptional Temperature Reductions

    Unlike conventional blinds they are able to reflect the sun’s heat back outside before it enters the room. Where temperatures, for example, have previously risen to 95°F (35°C), reduction of up to 20°F (11°C) – to a comfortable 75°F (24°C) – have been achieved.

    In offices with existing air conditioning, ‘Clear View’ Blinds and Laminates have also delivered significant savings to running costs and there have been dramatic improvements in temperature control in zoned areas. These benefits are particularly impressive where the air conditioning is old and has lost efficiency.

  • Excludes glare

    The transparent blinds incorporate a unique glare preventer which is especially effective at cutting window glare on computers and VDU screens. This provides a balance between the light level of the image on the display screen and light from the window. This is designed to meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Display Screen Regulations for VDUs and computers.

  • Allow a Clear View Out and Light in

    Unlike conventional curtains or blinds, which completely obscure the view and can lead to feelings of claustrophobia, ‘Clear View’ blinds and optical laminates allow a clear view out and let light in.

  • Protect against fading

    ‘Clear View’ blinds and laminates exclude 99% of UV rays – to help protect furnishings and fabrics against fading.

  • Warmer in winter

    Insulating grades incorporated in the cassetted blind version seals against the window frame to reduce winter heat loss by up to 70%.

  • Practical, easy to operate and maintenance-free

    All products are simply installed, light and convenient to use, requiring no maintenance or servicing.

  • Durable

    All products come with a full five year guarantee.

Where can they be used?

There are four main applications which require a simply installed, lightweight, durable and maintenance-free solution to summer heat, glare and protection from fading:

Home – Patio doors, picture windows, where computers are used, loft rooflights, conservatories and all windows with excessive sunlight and glare.

Workplace – Computer and display screen areas, general offices, rooflights, conservatories and atria, recreation/leisure centres, shop fronts, petrol stations, car showrooms, security gatehouses, restaurants and reception areas.

Marine – Ship’s bridges, cabins, restaurants and recreation areas, lookouts.

Military bases and Airports – Air traffic control towers, weather stations, perimeter lookouts.

‘Clear View’ blinds, computer blinds and optical laminates can be used on all types of glazing. The most suitable option will depend upon the relative importance of glare control. Severe glare will dictate the use of blinds.