Conservatory Comfort Sound Reducing Sheets – the unique solution to noisy polycarbonate conservatory roofs

Polycarbonate is lightweight, transparent, a good insulator and relatively inexpensive making it a great material for conservatory roofs. However, the sound of heavy rain and hail reverberating on it can be so intense that the conservatory becomes unbearable to use – certainly an issue with the British climate!

In simple terms, the polycarbonate structure acts like a drum to give a loud but ‘tinny’ high frequency sound when hit by rain which tends to be irritating to the human ear. We have developed and patented a unique retro fit solution that cuts the resonant frequency and volume of roof noise to a comfortable level for conservatory living.

Our externally fitted Sound Reducing Sheets are manufactured from a ‘softer’ material that absorbs the impact of the rain better and does not transmit the sound as much through the roof – the result is a duller, quieter sound.

To illustrate how effective the product is, we prepared a very simple demonstration – see a short video – you’ll need speakers!

Available with or without solar heat reflecting treatment.

The sound and heat reflective sheets have all the benefits detailed on other pages of the site – cool in summer, warmer in winter, combats glare and UV rays – click here for further information. However, if you do not require such benefits, sound reducing sheets are available which are perfectly transparent without out the reflective tint.

Simple to Fit…

For most conservatories as long as the glazing bars are assessable, sound reducing sheets are simple to fit and invariably can be completed within a day*. All that is needed is a set of steps for access to roof, sharp knife for trimming and screw driver and rubber mallet to remove and replace the glazing bar.

The sequence is as follows:

  • Remove the glazing bar covers
  • Place the pre-cut sound reducing sheets onto the existing roof
  • Replace the glazing bar covers
  • Alternatively, depending on the roof design, place the pre cut solar heat reflecting sheets on to the existing roof and secure by fitting a glazing bar cover (supplied) above the existing.

For a more detailed step by step description click here.

Panel Survey And Fit service Available If DIY is not feasible, we have fitting teams available – just call us on 01494 775778 and we can quote and arrange fitting.

Quote and Buy Online

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* Activities at a height can be dangerous. Falls from a height can cause serious injury or death. It is the user’s responsibility to take adequate precautions to protect against falls from a height. Gaining knowledge of the appropriate techniques to enable precautions to be taken to prevent or minimize the risk of a fall from a height is strongly recommended.

Advice may be found in the following publications. These publications are primarily for people at work, e.g. in the construction industry, but the principles apply to any activities at a height:

– Health and Safety Executive: Working on roofs ISBN 978 0 7176 6288 – single copies are free and a web version can be found at:

– Health and Safety Executive: Health and safety in roof work HSG33 (Third edition) HSE Books 2008 ISBN 978 0 7176 6250 0

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 (Statutory Instrument 2005 No 725]) referred to in the above publications, and its amendment, The Work at Height (Amended] Regulations 2005 (Statutory Instrument 2007 No 114), are also available as a free download from the Health and Safety Executive website A free leaflet, The Work at Height Regulations 2005 (as amended): A brief guide (ING401) explains the requirements of these regulations. The regulations do not apply to individuals doing work for themselves, e.g. on their own house.

HSE priced and free publications are available by mail order from HSE Books, PO Box1999, Sudbury CO10 2WA Tel: 01787 881 165 Fax 01787 313995 Website: ((HSE priced publications are also available from bookshops and free leaflets can be downloaded from the HSE’s website

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