Conservatory Comfort Insect Screen System – the effective way to keep pests out!

There are increasingly more times during the UK Spring and Summer when insects and bugs become a real nuisance, making life in the home and conservatory uncomfortable. Of course where food is prepared, stored or displayed the presence of insects and bugs present a major risk to health.
Insect screens

Traditional insect screens tend to be unsightly and cumbersome as they usually comprise of rigid panels clamped or hinged to window or door frames. Inevitably when the window needs to be opened there is the inconvenience of removing the screen. This also means that the screens cannot be used on inward opening windows as they would obstruct opening.

The unique design of our Insect Screen overcomes these problems making it the ideal choice for homeowners and business people alike. The system comprises of a unique roller enclosed within a slim, inconspicuous cassette, and side seals which are barely noticeable as they are integrated into the window and door frames. An insect – tight seal is achieved through the use of micro brushes in the side seals and a magnetic strip that seals against the bottom of the frame (to the side with doors).

The cassette is available in white or brown, while the screen fabric is neutral in colour and virtually invisible to allow a clear view out.

Take a look at the benefits of our patented system:

  • Effective against all insects and pests – not just small bugs but cats, birds and other unwanted animals too! All without having to close the windows and doors.
  • Neat and inconspicuous – no protruding clips or frames with colours to complement most frames.
  • Versatile – it can be fitted to top, side or bottom of any window and door whatever the size.
  • Simple to operate and safe in use – it has a unique magnetic seal for easy use and safety which will release on collision.
  • No cleaning or maintenance – the mechanism is of robust design while the fabric is moisture and mould resistant.