Conservatory Comfort Replacement Roofs – the effective way to improve the look, performance and comfort of your conservatory

It may be that your conservatory roof has either seen better days or the performance specification of the panels or glazing is particularly poor. In these situations we recommend replacing your existing panels with our modern high performance polycarbonate or sealed units.

Polycarbonate roof panels can, as the UV protection layer becomes less effective over the years, become discoloured and unattractive. It can also cause the material to become brittle and susceptible to holes, cracks and other damage.

There are many types of polycarbonate panel structure used in conservatory roofs which inevitably vary in insulation value, thickness and overall quality.

Conservatory Comfort supply polycarbonate conservatory roof panels which combine advanced cellular construction with patented solar heat reflecting technology. The result is that we supply the best performing roof glazing available – just look at the benefits:

  • Various thicknesses available – they can be accommodated into almost any existing conservatory roof (space within the glazing bars and eaves plates). Whatever the thickness, you can be assured that the specification is the best possible!
  • Warm in winter with superior insulation – keep the solar or artificial heat in during low temperatures providing more comfort and less need for expensive secondary heating. Our 25mm super roof has a U value of 1.3, 3 times better than the current regulations and equivalent to that of a brick cavity wall! See how upgrading to a super roof can turn your conservatory into a passive solar collector and save up to £400 a year
  • Cooler in Summer with solar heat reflection – the factory fitted heat reflectors reject 85% of solar heat gain which generally reduces temperature to comfortable levels of around 27°C / 80°F
  • Reduce glare by up to 85% – more comfort for relaxing, entertaining or working whilst retaining the light, airy environment
  • Reduce harmful UV Rays by up to 99% – protect you and your furniture

Easy to Install

Survey and fit service available

We appreciate that DIY is not feasible or desirable for everyone. As survey and fitting is relatively straightforward we would recommend friends, family or a trusted local handyman as your first point of call.

Alternatively, we suggest a recognised directory such as the Yellow Pages to source a handyman.

For most conservatories as long as the glazing bars are assessable, our replacement high performance polycarbonate panels are simple to fit and invariably can be completed within a day*. All that is needed is a set of steps for access to roof, and a screw driver and rubber mallet to remove and replace the glazing bar covers.

The sequence is as follows:

Remove the glazing bar covers
Remove the existing panels from the roof and replace with the new pre-cut panels onto the existing glazing bar
Replace the glazing bar covers and seal with silicon as necessary

High performance roof panels – for year-round conservatory comfort

For a more detailed step by step description click here

* It will be necessary for the person doing the work to get on to the roof and therefore should be comfortable doing this and if possible use the appropriate harness equipment. It is also suggested that the installation should be completed by 2 people.