Conservatory comfort Pollen screens – invaluable to hay fever and asthma suffers

For the 25% of the population that suffers from hay fever or asthma, summer can be debilitating. High pollen counts on hot and windy days restrict the use of the conservatory and often means that all windows and doors need to be firmly shut – not the best way to enjoy your home and conservatory.
Pollen screen

Our pollen screens fit to opening windows and doors and prevent the tiny particles, which are invisible to the naked eye and only measure 0.5 microns, from entering your living space. Our system will still allow you to keep your windows, doors and roof lights open allowing fresh air in.

The system comprises of a unique roller enclosed within a slim, inconspicuous cassette, and side seals which are barely noticeable as they are integrated into the window and door frames. A tight seal is achieved through the use of micro brushes in the side seals and a magnetic strip that seals against the bottom of the frame (to the side with doors). The screen is an extremely fine mesh that stops the pollen but allows air to flow through and a clear view out.

Take a look at the benefits of our patented system:

  • Effective against pollen – insects and pests too! All without having to close the windows and doors.
  • Neat and inconspicuous – no protruding clips or frames with colours to complement most frames.
  • Versatile – it can be fitted to top, side or bottom of any window and door whatever the size.
  • Simple to operate and safe in use – it has a unique magnetic seal for easy use and safety which will release on collision.
  • No cleaning or maintenance – the mechanism is of robust design while the fabric is moisture and mould resistant.