Quick and Simple even for a novice DIYer

Fitting our inserts really is very simple and, obviously depending on the size and complexity of your conservatory roof, takes no time at all.

The process and tools required varies depending whether you chose the high performance channelled inserts or the standard flat tape inserts.


Position step / ladders so that they are safe and you are positioned at a comfortable height so that the cavities of the polycarbonate are at chest height.

Remove the end caps that cover the ends of the polycarbonate sheets and the existing sealing (breather) tape to reveal the chambers of the polycarbonate panel.

Insertion of Insert

High performance solar inserts

These will be creased and folded for you on a roll and simply need to be opened up to form the ‘U’ shaped channel so that they become rigid. The inserts can then be easily slid up the top cavity and cut to length. Any length of panel can be fitted. Repeat until all cavities are completed.

Standard solar inserts

These will be flat tape on a roll. The end of the tape will need to be hole punched and the fitting rod placed in the hole. The fitting rod and tape then needs to be fed carefully into the cavity and driven to the end, the rod withdrawn and the insert cut to length.

Please note : silicon spray to lubricate the insert is generally necessary as the friction of the tight fitting tape may cause it to be difficult up the cavity. Even with care splitting and tearing of the tape at the punched hole can occur with lengths of 2 metres or more. In this case, the tape will need to be withdrawn and the process repeated.

Repeat until all cavities are completed.


Survey and fit service available

We appreciate that DIY is not feasible or desirable for everyone. As survey and fitting is relatively straightforward we would recommend friends, family or a trusted local handyman as your first point of call.

Alternatively, we suggest a recognised directory such as the Yellow Pages to source a handyman.

Seal the end of the polycarbonate panels with new breather tape and replace the end caps.

More detailed fitting instructions are supplied with the inserts.

With the standard inserts you will also receive a fitting rod, hole punch and silicon spray – these items are not required with the high performance inserts as they are rigid and self supporting.

This is the more common type also offered by the competition, where a flat tape is forced into the cavity to make a concave shape. These do not perform so well and are more difficult and time consuming to install.

We will also supply new breather tape.