Conservatory Comfort Solar Inserts for Polycarbonate Roofs – the effective way to control your conservatory environment

Conservatory too hot, too cold, excessive glare, harmful UV rays, plants dying?

conservatory-too-hot-or-too-coldThere is no doubt that there is something special about relaxing, enjoying a hobby or even working in a light airy conservatory environment but those who have had a conservatory for a season or two know that controlling that environment is not easy. All too often during the summer months, the conservatory can suffer from massive solar heat gain making it uncomfortably hot with temperatures reaching over 50°C / 130°F! In the winter months and spring / autumn evenings the temperatures can plummet as the heat simply escapes through the polycarbonate roof and glazed windows. What’s more the glare caused by bright sunshine can be uncomfortable and at times unbearable. We estimate that these factors would leave the average conservatory unusable for about a third of the year!

Conservatory Comfort has the simple cost effective answer

High performance solar inserts effectively reflect sun’s heat and rays before they get into the conservatory – a major advantage over conservatory blinds and air conditioning. They also help to prevent heat escaping in the colder months making your conservatory more comfortable and useable.

Look at the performance:

  • Reflects up to 85% of Solar Energy – generally reduces temperature to comfortable levels of around 27°C / 80°F.
  • Improved winter insulation – more comfort and less need for expensive secondary heating.
  • Reduce glare by up to 85% – more comfort for relaxing, entertaining or working whilst retaining the light, airy environment.
  • Reduce harmful UV Rays by up to 99% – protect you and your furniture.
  • High Performance and Standard Solar Inserts Available

No other company can offer 2 distinct types of insert which provide different levels of performance and ease of installation.

Patented High performance inserts

Maximum Performance – These unique, patented channel shaped solar inserts within the polycarbonate cavities. The flat top of the insert reflects out the maximum amount of the sun’s heat rather than deflecting it into the polycarbonate roof.

We manufacture a variety of sizes to neatly fit into any polycarbonate roof system.

Easier and three times as fast to fit – The channel is accurately manufactured to fit the size of the cavity to ensure the friction to a minimum so it is easily slid up the cavity. This, plus the fact that the channel shape makes the insert rigid, so there is no requirement for fiddly fitting rods or messy silicon spray which are necessary when fitting the flat tape alternative.

In tests the patented channelled inserts took on average a third of the time to fit with no breakages and a much neater installation. Not to mention the frustration!

Flat Tape Standard Inserts

This is the more common type also offered by the competition, where a flat tape is forced into the cavity to make a concave shape. These do not perform so well and are more difficult and time consuming to install.

Whatever insert you chose, our solar inserts are:

  • Inexpensive – get an online quote we are sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised!
  • Easy DIY fitting – with our patented high performance inserts, an average 3m by 3m conservatory will only take 3 to 4 hours – more
  • Maintenance Free – once installed they are protected by the polycarbonate roof structure
  • More effective than conservatory blinds or air conditioning
  • Comprehensive Guarantee – with life equal to that of the conservatory roof

Cavities difficult to access, sealed roof light, glass roof or single sheet? We have our unique solar laminate panels as an alternative – click here for details.

Choose silver or gold colour inserts

We offer the choice so that the colour can complement your conservatory and its fittings as well as your own preferences. The silver inserts are a more popular choice and inherently perform better at reflecting the solar heat. The gold finish version is also more expensive to manufacture and is therefore charged at a slight premium.


Solar inserts are not easy to install or preferable in the following situations as invariably the conservatory roof panels will need to be deglazed.

  • Pitched roof with back valley gutter
  • P shaped conservatory with front valley
  • Roof vents and the inaccessible glazing above them

We have our unique solar heat reflecting sheets as an alternative – click here for details.

Is your polycarbonate conservatory roof very noisy during rainfall? Our sheets are also effective at reducing the volume and pitch of the noise – click here for details.

Easy to install

Survey and fit service available

We appreciate that DIY is not feasible or desirable for everyone. As survey and fitting is relatively straightforward we would recommend friends, family or a trusted local handyman as your first point of call.

Alternatively, we suggest a recognised directory such as the Yellow Pages to source a handyman.

These inserts are very simple to fit and invariably the installation can be completed in a morning or afternoon, the standard flat tape takes considerably longer. All that is needed is a set of steps, scissors and screw driver. The method of installation will vary slightly with the 2 different solar inserts but essentially involve the same process:

  • Gain access to the chambers by removing the end cap and sealing tape
  • Push the insert into each of the cavities and cut to the correct length
  • Fit new breather tape and replace the end caps

For a more detailed step by step description click here.